September 26, 2020

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Even a Lebanese underwater coral reef park is anti-Israel

On Friday, residents of Sidon, Lebanon, saw old tanks being placed underwater near the shore.

The goal is the create an underwater ark for divers, where the tanks can anchor a coral reef.

“This will be a paradise for divers and a place where we can develop underwater life,” Kamel Kozbar, of Friends of the Coast of Sidon, told AFP.

He hopes seaweed will soon cover the tanks, a gift from the army, creating the group’s vision of an “underwater park” – a world away from the beaches which have not escaped Lebanon’s overflowing rubbish crisis.

But even this attempt for tourism and environmentalism is not free from the Middle east’s favorite pastime of hating the Jewish state.

The turrets of the tanks face Israel “out of solidarity for the Palestinian people,” Kozbar said.

But…if the Palestinians support a two state solution, as the media never tires of telling us, then why is it a sign of solidarity with them to have the underwater tanks symbolically attack parts of Israel that would never be part of a Palestinian state?

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