March 26, 2019

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EU admits violent riots in Gaza, but remains clueless still

A statement from the EU Spokesperson on the “latest developments in Middle East” (which is EU-speak for Israel and the territories):

In Gaza on Friday again thousands of Palestinians have demonstrated, sometimes violently, near the fence. At least six were killed and hundreds injured from Israeli live fire, some while attempting to cross into Israel. We once again call on all to act with utmost restraint to avoid further loss of life.

We expect Israel respects the principle of necessity and proportionality in its use of force. And we expect that Hamas and other extremist groups in Gaza do not exploit the demonstrations for other ends and ensure they remain strictly non-violent.

They are actually admitting that the riots are less than peaceful! Wow!

But the overarching cluelessness of the EU will always remain:

The cycle of violence leads only to more violence and deprives entire generations from the legitimate aspiration to live in peace and free to build their own future. Only a political solution can put an end to the violence. In this context, the European Union strongly appreciates and fully supports the efforts of the United Nation’s Special Coordinator who has been working closely together with all parties and with the international community to get a political process going again in Gaza.

Why do they think that a “political solution” would end the violence? Hamas and Islamic Jihad and every other party in Gaza has sworn to destroy Israel. They teach their children that the goal is in reach. They celebrate “martyrs.” How could, and why would, any “political solution” change that? 

Once one realizes that this will never change, then the question is no longer one of striving for peace, but of minimizing the effects of the war that will never end.

Guess what? The EU is not going to answer that question any better than Israel already does, and continues to do.

(h/t Irene)

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