March 26, 2019

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Egyptian site says Zionists are devil worshipers – and control the world

Lots of fun in an article in Egyptian news site Elmwatin.

The article talks about the New World Order and who is behind all major world events.

It includes these gems:

The new world order, through the invisible government, aims to spread the political movements in order to encircle the world according to the curriculum that they can controls the world’s sovereignty, such as the Zionist movement which demanded a national homeland for the Jews in Palestine. But the Israelis in Arab Palestine are not Jews but they are Zionists who have no religion Belonging to the group of the devil worshipers, who exploited the Jewish religion with the aim of colonizing the Arab countries as a whole and the proof of this after their occupation of Palestine in 1948, they occupied the Sinai in 1967….

…The Templars found the thing they wanted when they traveled to Palestine: the Kabbalah, which is meant to be used for controlling the jinn and witchcraft. They use magic and demons to achieve their goals. The slaves of Satan are considered to be the elite among them.

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