September 18, 2020

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Egyptian politician calls Nikki Haley a racist – while emphasizing her Sikh background

Egypt’s Youm7 has an article by  Salah al-Madawi, a former governor of

The Family history of the racist US delegate to the UN

When I was watching this woman’s face during the Security Council meetings I found a face loaded with strange inner ugliness and a weird determination to be more American than the Americans themselves and to be more racist than the White Americans, the descendants of the first migrants to the New World and to stand for the support of Zionism more than the Zionists themselves endeavor to.

Where did this woman whose two parents are of Indian origin gain all that hatred towards us? The woman that can sell everything sold her ethnic origin and pretended to embrace Christianity, though actually, she belongs to the Sikhs. The questions as to her religious affinity on the part of some Americans faded when she submitted her candidacy to senior positions to the state of South Carolina. When she married Michael Haley, who is a National Guard employee, the couple held two wedding ceremonies, one in accordance with Sikh rituals and later in a church in accordance with its rituals. Afterward, she [Mrs. Haley] omitted her Indian name Nimrata Nikki Randhawa and used only her middle name Nikki which means ‘the little one’ and along with it her husband’s name. Then she set into the track of political career instead of her work as an accountant.

Her best friend from amongst the Jewish Americans… of those who stood by her and supported her with money and ‘shortcuts’ till she arrived at the post of the Governor of South Carolina than with the sponsorship of AIPAC and its affiliates, she was recommended to Trump. They knew well that she acts as a mercenary and here she appears with a furious expression in the face of those who said ‘No to racism and to those who become Zionists’, so much so that there were some people who thought her to be of Jewish extract. She is not of a Jewish extract, but she is another facet of those whom the Jews of America buy and promote on Saturday in order to make use of them as their trumpets on Sunday. This woman does not have any interest in the Sikh nor with Christianity or with Islam, nor with anything else. She is a pragmatic dealer to such a degree that she adapts herself to the ideas of [Donald] Trump of assessing everything with money.

What kind of a state is that in which no one can promote himself politically without first presenting his credentials to Zionism and not the people that elect him?

Former Governor of Daqhaliyya District [in Egypt]

The antisemitism isn’t too far behind, is it?

(h/t Abdallah Mashaallah)

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