January 21, 2019

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Egyptian media says injury to Muslim soccer star Mohammed Salah a Jewish revenge plot


The Arab world is very upset over the injury of star soccer player Mohamed Salah, who was tackled by Read Madrid superstar Sergio Ramos last weekend in Kiev.

A petition demanding that Ramos be punished for the hit has reached over half a million signatures.

An Egyptian lawyer has filed a €1 billion lawsuit against Ramos for causing the injury.

“I’ll ask for compensation, which could exceed €1 billion (£873 million), for the physical and psychological harm that Ramos gave Salah and the Egyptian people,” the Egyptian lawyer said.

But most bizarre was the part that was most obvious: Arabs are accusing Ramos of being secretly Jewish in order to explain Ramos’ action.

Egyptian newspaper El Fagr starts off its article making this accusation this way:

It is not a conspiracy theory, which the Jews always accuse us of adopting, when we create positions that sound far from reason and logic to prove our position, even though we prove every time that we are right. Every hatred against us has its roots and origins. Those who support them stand behind them with all their might. 

In the beginning, we must mention a clear fact that Jews never leave their vengeance no matter how long it has been. Examples include the assassination of Dr. Ashraf Marwan in London in 2007 after he killed 2,500 Israelis in the 1973 war because of his misleading information about the date of the real war, And before him liquidation of the leaders of the resistance in the Arab world which caused the deaths of Israelis, notably Yahya Ayyash, Imad Mughniyeh, Mahmoud Mabhouh and others.

There are those who wonder what all this has to do with sport, and the injury by Real Madrid player Sergio Ramos to our international star Mohamed Salah. Yes, there is a strong relationship that confirms the claim that Israel has never renounced its revenge.

Why did Jews want to exact revenge on Salah? Well, five years ago Salah – forced by his team to travel to Israel for a friendly match – refused to shake hands with the Israelis.

The Jews, according to this article, never forgot this awful snub. And Sergio Ramos has a Star of David tattooed on his arm – which means he is Jewish, and probably a Marrano or an otherwise secret Jew since his family is publicly Catholic.

The article says that the Jews, who never forget a slight to their honor, waited for just the right time to injure Salah a couple of weeks ahead of the World Cup where he was to lead the Egyptian team.

There you have it. The Jews enlisted a Real Madrid superstar to hurt the Arab because he refused to shake hands with Israelis.

I have yet to see any ridicule over this theory in Egyptian media.

(Ramos had tattooed the Star of David in memory of a Jewish teammate of his who died suddenly.)

There is one other theory floating around to explain Salah’s injury, though. A Kuwaiti preacher says Allah willed it it is because he ate on Ramadan.

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