March 20, 2019

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Egypt has so far allowed only 3 injured people from Gaza to be treated

Egypt made a big deal over opening the Rafah crossing for Ramadan.

The statistics for the first 11 days of Ramadan shows that Egypt allowed 4200 Gazans to enter, but only three of them were admitted for medical treatment. (490 people returned to Gaza.)

In that same time period, Israel allowed 30 injured people to travel to Jordan for treatment. And Israel has allowed about 1000 Gazans to enter Israel altogether for “humanitarian reasons” (which usually means the people seeking medical attention and one family member.) I count 86 ambulance crossings into Israel in that time period.

Egypt has hardly flung the gates open when less than 400 cross everyday while tens of thousands want to leave. Yet there is no criticism of Egypt as far as I can tell – after all, Rafah has been almost completely closed this year before Ramadan.

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