December 15, 2018

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Despite anti-Israel rhetoric, Jordan still plans gas pipeline to Israel

Remember how the Arab world was going to explode after the US said it would move its Israeli embassy to Jerusalem?

From Ammon News:

Jordan has allocated 1.5 million dinars (around $2.1 million) in the 2018 national budget for a gas pipeline linking the Hashemite Kingdom with Israel. According to Al-Ghad newspaper on Sunday, the cost of the joint Jordanian-Israeli project is expected to rise to 3 million dinars ($4.2 million) in 2019, and to 6 million dinars ($8.5 million) by 2020. The pipeline will pass over the Sheikh Hussein border crossing, 90 km from Amman.

There has been serious opposition to Israeli gas imports to Jordan, but the kingdom is ignoring them all. Because it needs natural gas. Badly.

And that is how Israel can best defend itself – by providing to the Arab world things that they cannot easily get otherwise, and put them in a position where if Israel is hurt, they would be hurt worse.

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