September 25, 2022

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Delusional Ma’an editor: "Arabs don’t hate Jews, but Jews hate Arabs"

The editor of Ma’an Arabic, Dr. Nasser Al-Laham, has a delusional essay in response to the news that an Israel-Jewish delegation will visit Saudi Arabia next year in response to an invitation from the Muslim World League.

He’s quite upset, and he is trying to argue that while Arabs have never had a problem with Jews (only Zionists,) Jews have always hated the Arabs.

“The rebels [meaning, terrorists] do not hate the Jews, but the Jews hate the rebels. he says.

“The Arabs do not hate the Jews, but the Jewish Zionists hate the Arabs.”

Well, every survey of antisemitism shows otherwise, but why mess up a great essay with facts?

“The PLO erred when it agreed a quarter of a century ago at the United Nations to withdraw the request to classify the Zionist movement as a racist movement, and we still pay the price of this mistake to this day.”

“Saudis do not hate Jews, but Jews hate and despise Saudi Arabia.”

It gets better.

“The Palestinians do not hate the Jews and have hosted them when they fled the massacres of Hitler and the frost of Europe to the port of Haifa. They came sick with scabies, famine, typhoid, poverty, lice and humiliation. The Palestinians hosted them as cousins ​​and thought ‘naively’ that it was about religious tolerance and the result was that they [the Jews] committed the most horrible and the most terrible massacres against those who hosted them.”

What an inversion of truth! The Arabs of Palestine didn’t welcome the Jews fleeing the Holocaust – they doomed them!

“The Arab capitals do not hesitate to open embassies for Israel and as long as the red carpets are available for Israeli delegations and tourists, but the Arabs are barred from entering Tel Aviv !!”

Again, this is news to me. Israel always welcomed Arab diplomats to Israel.

He goes on to call the Arabs who are trying to improve relations with Israel “fools.”

This is, remember, the editor of a newspaper respected in the West. He cannot put together two sentences without lying.

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