January 21, 2019

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Delegation from Morocco visits Israel, Arabic media decry "normalization"


Sometimes you can find the best stories only in Arabic media.

Palestine Today reports that a delegation of Moroccans began a visit to Israel today. The visit will last several days.

It will include a visit to the Knesset including the visit, which will last several days a visit to the Knesset and a field tour of Jerusalem,  a visit to the centers and museums including the Yad Vashem and some universities.

The delegation includes 11 people, including engineers, writers, directors and businessmen, who see the importance of dialogue and communication with their counterparts in Israel.

Delegates are also scheduled to visit Islamic holy sites.

These sorts of things are barely a blip on Israelis’ radar, but Arabic sites know that this sort of thing is the reality, and the Argentina soccer fiasco is the exception that proves the rule. The Arab world is moving closer to Israel and no longer subscribes to the zero-sum reality of Palestinians that says that taking advantage of what Israel has to offer hurts Palestinians.

In fact, Morocco also set up a field hospital in Gaza in recent days.

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