April 10, 2020

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Canadian Arabic newspaper says Jews built the Titanic just to sink it and kill three businessmen


Ahram-Canada is a (mostly) Arabic news site that says it is a “platform advocating human rights, and is against racial discrimination in all its forms, colors and justifications. …The newspaper is not limited to one thought but allows all to express freely and openly in the face of backward thought, but within the limits of love of others even different from us. “

It just published an antisemitic conspiracy theory that definitely wins points for originality.

Calling it the “smartest Jewish murder in history,” Ahmed Zaki starts the theory off by saying:

 The Jewish Freemasons built the giant Titanic ship and charged it with the fictional costs, only to kill three businessmen, who built it with a magnificent construction, to drag them on board, and then sink them into the ocean floor and bury the secret with them for ever. The [businessmen were against] the idea of ​​creating the Federal Reserve! They loved to be rid of them in order to pave the way for the new world order. 

The conspiracy theory that the Titanic was not sunk by hitting an iceberg but was in fact sabotaged is not original to this newspaper, I found this article discussing the absurd theory. But the claim that Jews were behind it – namely, JP Morgan, who wasn’t even Jewish – is a new Arab twist.

The editor of Ahram Canada is Medhat Oweida. He is also running for office.

Medhat Oweida Announces Campaign for Candidacy to Run in the Federal Conservative .Nomination for the Riding of Mississauga Streetsville .
Medhat Oweida declares his candidacy to run in the federal Conservative nomination for the riding of Mississauga Streetsville. Medhat is a proud resident of Mississauga Streetsville with a background in law, social work, media and human rights activist. He has served the community with a strong passion for great Canadian heritage. His passion to run in the federal Conservative nomination for the riding of Mississauga Streetsville is to implement core service values rooted in Andrew Scheer’s platform and vision for a Conservative Government in upcoming election.

The article very possibly violates hate speech laws in Canada, and the editor of the newspaper is running for office. Nice!

(h/t Alex)

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