November 20, 2018

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British MP criticizes Israel, supports violent rioters and Ahed Tamimi. It is worse than a double standard.

From RT and Middle East Monitor:

Alistair Burt, minister of state for the Middle East at the UK’s Foreign & Commonwealth Office, spoke out in defense of the teenage girl [Ahed Tamimi], whose family he said he knows personally.

“The truth is the soldiers shouldn’t have been there and the young woman shouldn’t have needed to do what she did,” said Burt.

He continued: “We should be working hard to get a settlement for this issue so that these young people don’t have to continue to do what they’re doing.”

Burt confirmed that the British government has made representations to the Israeli authorities about Tamimi’s case.

According to Burt, Ahed needed to sap an Israeli soldier. If only he wasn’t there, he wouldn’t have been assaulted. It’s obviously his fault.

And, of course, until there is peace, all rioting and violent Palestinian Arab youths have to continue what they’ve been doing.

Like throwing stones at moving cars from above, throwing Molotiv cocktails and stabbing Jews.

He apparently agrees with Ahed, who he seems to consider a family friend, when she says that suicide bombings are just part of what Palestinians have to do.

Beyond that, it is also outrageous that Western countries publicly and diplomatically register complaints about how Israel treats violent youths.

The UK has more children under 18 in prison than Israel has in custody – 912, as of November, compared to about 300 in Israeli detention.

The UK’s youth prisons are hotbeds of gang violence and makeshift weapons, and children are deprived of basic social services. One child dies in a UK prison every month!

The government is doing little to fix the problems.

Imagine the outcry if, say, France or Germany would publicly reproach the UK over its treatment of child prisoners. Imagine if Netanyahu issued a statement of concern over whether Great Britain is really doing everything it can to reduce the 11% of incarcerated youths who have attempted suicide.

No one blinks when Western nations chide Israel for its actions, but they would never say a word about any other Western nation’s actions.

As much as the West pretends to be pro-Israel, the fact is that they treat Israel as a banana republic, and Israel’s actions which as not nearly as bad as what these nations do themselves are considered to be fair game for criticism.

They claim that they should hold Israel to a higher standard than its Arab neighbors. A case can be made for that. But here, we see that they hold Israel to a higher standard then their own fellow Western nations.

That is not just a double standard. That is blatant bias masquerading as caring for Palestinian Arab rights.

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