July 23, 2019

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Booking.com stops referring to Jerusalem as an "Israeli settlement" – but Bethlehem and Hebron are still called that


Joods Actueel uncovered an amazing example of anti-Israel bias in the travel site Booking.com in all languages.

The site referred to all of Jerusalem as an Israeli settlement.

After an inquiry from an outraged customer, Booking.com changed its designation of Jerusalem.

But it continues to use the words “Israeli settlement” for any town with any Jews.

While Ramallah is considered “Palestinian territory”:

Bethlehem and Hebron, with very small Jewish populations are where the vast majority of both cities are under full PA control, are still considered “settlements.”

You can see that the Arab hotels that are deeply in Area A under full Palestinian control are considered to be within “Israeli settlements.”
Bizarrely, the towns most associated with being Israeli settlements like Gush Etzion or Kiryat Arba are given no country whatsoever:

This all doesn’t even make business sense. People who want to stay in Arab Hebron or Bethlehem are less likely to visit the “Israeli Settlement” that Booking.com says they are in.

And if you look for hotels near Kiryat Arba, sure enough – you see the Arab hotels in Hebron.

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