September 25, 2018

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"Balfour as bad as the Holocaust"

Abdo Wazen in Al Hayat is upset that two major French literary awards were recently given to Holocaust-themed novels.

After saying that the books really aren’t deserving of any honors, he goes into full blown Arab conspiracy theory territory:

Is it really a coincidence that these two “regular” Nazi novels win two big prizes at a painful historic moment when the Palestinians celebrated their 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration? Do you not see that this British and European “promise” is the same as the Nazi project in its cruelty, violence and crime? Is it not worth representing a knot in the conscience of Britain, Europe and America? [Balfour] promised the Zionists of the world the opportunity to play the role of Hitler’s executioner, but against the people of Palestine. This dubious promise was the “legitimate” international motive for fighting the people, persecuting them, expelling them from their land and displacing them. No Western novel has been written about the Balfour Declaration, nor about Palestine, and the massacres committed – and still – by the Israeli occupation army against the people of the land. No European or American novelist has written a story about one of the worst tragedies of the twentieth century, cruel, dark, and miserable. The Holocaust is overflowing with novels, movies and theatrical works all over the world. The tragedy of Palestine was seen only by the Arabs. The French writer dissident Jean Genet is the only Western who wrote the novel of Palestine and the Palestinians in his wonderful book “Prisoner of Love“, which aroused the anger of Israelis and Zionists in the world. Is not it very unfortunate that the Palestinian tragedy does not lead to its inspiring works by Western novelists that suit it?

Just for context, more Jews were killed every week during the years of the Holocaust than Palestinians have been killed by Israel in seventy years.

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