December 19, 2018

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An Earlier Earthquake in the Jewish World: Response to Eva Illouz

January 9, 2017 Richard Landes Illouz wrote a dramatic New Year’s piece for Ha-aretz, in which she accuses fellow Jews who support Trump of falling prey to messianic fantasies and “betraying Jews, Jewish history and humanity,” and claiming for the […]

Handelman to Executive Director on MLA Boycotting Israel

December 20, 2016 Richard Landes friend and colleague, and member of the MLA (Modern Language Association) for decades, just received a letter from the Executive Director of the MLA informing them about the three proposed that will be discussed […]

Said’s Disorientations

December 15, 2016 Richard Landes just published my article on Edward Saïd. They entitled it “‘Celebrating’ Orientalism,” which I presume is meant to be ironic. My more direct title was “Disoriented by Saïd: The Contribution of Post-Colonialism to 21st century […]

Bibliography of Articles on the MSNM’s Trumpfail

November 13, 2016 Richard Landes unanticipated victory of Trump has left the MSNM in something of a quandary. Their scarcely concealed advocacy for Clinton, and contempt for Trump, for his supporters, even for pundits expressed the heretical speculation that […]

Slogan on the Wall Behind Al Durahs

October 31, 2016 Richard Landes of the slogans of the Second Intifada (aka “Al Aqsa intifada,” aka Oslo Jihad) is “What was taken by force must be retaken by force.” It’s a classic motto of zero-sum honor-shame cultures in […]

Spencer Pack to ConnColl Faculty on Harassing Jewish Faculty

October 29, 2016 Richard Landes Pack, who invited me to speak at ConnColl about the Pessin Case, has written to the faculty about their President, Katherine Bergeron’s response to claims of harassment of Jewish members of the community. He […]

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