March 7, 2021

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The Arab world has an empathy problem

July 19, 2016 Forest Rain I said it. Don’t jump on me, hear me out. This is not about being derogatory to an entire culture, this is about a little discussed but very dangerous trend that is effecting the […]

“If I don’t do it, who will?”

July 14, 2016 Forest Rain Parents all over the world declare that they love their children so much that they would even die for them. In most countries that would be a hypothetical situation. In Israel it is not. […]

10 years after the war

July 12, 2016 Forest Rain years ago, on July 12th, 2006 the Second Lebanon War began with a coordinated Hezbollah attack on Israeli civilians and soldiers. They rained missiles down on towns in northern Israel causing injury, destruction and […]

Safe room

July 10, 2016 Forest Rain many of us have watched our children sleeping? It’s an almost sacred moment when the troubles fall away and all you see is the miracle of your child being alive. When we sleep we […]

Hallel: A song of praise, a song of life

June 30, 2016 Forest Rain girl named Hallel: praise, glorify. Praise to God for granting a mother a child she desperately wanted. A song of praise, a song of life. 13.5 years Hallel lived, smiled and danced. Her presence […]

With my own body I would stop him

June 21, 2016 Forest Rain I hear more and more reports on the terror attack in Orlando I can’t help but think that there is something terribly wrong in America. No, I don’t mean the crippling political correctness that […]

Why I love Israel

June 17, 2016 Forest Rain brilliant Chloé Simone Valdary asks the questions no one bothers to ask, the questions few realize are fundamental. It is easier to not think, to take for granted but Chloé is different and by […]

The Israeli, HaYisraeli

June 14, 2016 Forest Rain Israeli experience is rich and complex. The shadow of terrorism and war hovers above, casting a shadow but never managing to darken the Israeli experience. It does not control us but it does influence […]

Terrorism makes us stronger

June 9, 2016 Forest Rain last night’s terror attack in Tel Aviv what more can be said? It’s the same story over and over. We are attacked and the world doesn’t care. One news outlet put the word terrorist […]

The most Israeli moment of the year

May 15, 2016 Forest Rain is a moment that occurs once a year in Israel. The entire country focuses on it, there is even an official, national ceremony to recognize it – the momentous yet somehow quiet transition between […]

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