December 12, 2019

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Arabs unearth a secret Zionist map showing Israel’s intent to take over all land from Saudi Arabia to Egypt!

The Al Jazeera Mubashir website has a hilarious article that claims to have unearthed a secret Zionist plan to take over the entire Middle East, and claims that Saudi Arabia is now cooperating with Israel in this endeavor.

The main “proof” of this nefarious plan comes from an article written by Itamar Ben-Avi, son of the famous Eliezer ben Yehuda and the first child born in the modern era who was raised speaking only Hebrew. Ben-Avi wrote this in “A Zionist primer; essays by various writers” published by the Young Judaea movement in 1917 (before the Balfour Declaration) as an introduction to Zionism for teenagers.

In the essay, Ben-Avi indeed wants Zionist youth to think not only in terms of the area of eretz Yisrael as the Jewish kingdoms controlled in the past, but a future Eretz Yisrael that would fulfill the Biblical promise of lands from the Nile to the Euphrates.

Here’s his hand-drawn map:

Ben-Avi was an iconoclast, pushing the idea that Hebrew should be written in a Romanized alphabet and even once creating a short-lived journal in that transliterated Hebrew.

He was hardly a leading Zionist, and even if he was, the idea that a “secret Zionist plan” would be published in a book aimed at teenagers is ridiculous.

Nevertheless, the conspiracy-minded writer at Al Jazeera uses this map as proof of a hundred year old plan that is finally coming together. Apparently, a major Saudi tourism/smart city initiative called Neum is really a Zionist initiative, as the Ben Avi map supposedly shows:

The map explains what is going on in Sinai and the northwest of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. All the puzzles are solved. In the southwestern corner of Greater Israel, the population is being disposed of and ready to be handed over to the Israelis as a gift without war. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman plays the main role. On the Saudi side in the name of the project of Neum or Sinai with the consent of Abdul Fattah al-Sisi to buy the islands and land, and finance the so-called Deal of the Century to evacuate the area of ​​the population.
The Neum project is an Israeli settlement on the eastern bank of the Gulf of Aqaba, which has historical and religious significance to the Jews. It is the land of Medina where our master Moses sought refuge from Pharaoh. The Jews established it after leaving Egypt according to the Jewish narrative. And the investment is to expel the Saudi population from there.
The most important observation that appears from the map and exposing what is happening is that Mohammed bin Salman when he announced the area allocated for the project “Neum” make the southern axis exactly match the line drawn in Ben Avi map, in the same place and the same angle (30 degrees) until reaching the latitude 28 Which runs east to the latitude of about 45 degrees to climb north to Samawah on the Euphrates River.

I didn’t know Moses went to Medina! I guess that’s where the Burning Bush was!

We learn so much from Arab media!

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