December 15, 2018

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Arabs suddenly interested in critical thinking – when it can be used against Israel’s Biblical claims

UK-baed Al Araby has an article about a new book called “Incoherence of Biblical History: An Introduction to a different history of ancient Palestine” by Dr. Essam Sakhnini .

The book cherry-picks modern Biblcal scholarship and archaeological findings, and seems to fabricatge others, to come to the conclusion that the Bible has no factual basis, and especially that there were never any Jewish Temples in Jerusalem.

The author of the review stresses how scientific the book is, confusing footnotes with scholarship. But the point of the book is obviously not for knowledge but for propaganda – just as people will point to the work of Shlomo Sand or Ilan Pappe as being scholarly, when in fact they are just frameworks to put a scholarly coat of paint on a rusted-through toolshed of lies.

But I couldn’t help wondering: since the Arab world is so interested in Biblical criticism, when are they going to put the Koran through the same critical analysis?

Especially since the Koran repeats a lot of the stories from Hebrew scripture to begin with!

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