July 7, 2020

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Arabs mark the 90th anniversary of the beginning of the 1929 pogroms


A pan-Arab news site has an article on what they say was the beginning of the events that led to the massacres of Jews throughout the Land of Israel in 1929.

The article says, “In the following days, clashes intensified and spread to other cities, where Arabs in the city of Hebron killed 67 Jews from the city. A number of Jews enjoyed the protection of some Arab residents who opposed violence but were forced to abandon Hebron for fear of continuing clashes. In Gaza, there was a small Jewish community who had abandoned the city with the help of British troops. Safed’s Jews were also subjected to violence by the Arab population.”

There doesn’t seem to be any regret. The article says that the riots were a major stage in the Palestinian national movement.

It mentions previous deadly riots against Jews, including one in 1924 I had never heard of where they claim that Jews dressed up in “the clothing of Islamic clerics, and made a mockery of them.” They said it was around Easter time but perhaps it was Purim, which was a month before.

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