April 12, 2021

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Arabs freak out over Hatikva in Abu Dhabi


Palestine Today has a roundup of tweets of prominent Arab journalists and politicians, all bitterly complaining about Israel’s national anthem being played in Abu Dhabi in the judo championships.

Some comments:

It is “a betrayal of Allah and his messenger.”

It is “beyond normalization, which deserves condemnation.”

“[Israelis] have protected their borders 70 years, may Allah take them out of their civilization…clear all the ‘Zionists’ and cleanse us of this abomination.”

“Normalization:  to recognize the thief who stole your brother’s house and expelled him and his family to the street, and you then open your house to him so he can steal from you and you and your family later.”

“Teach your children that even if a sheikh of religion came and justified the normalization with the Zionists, it is still a betrayal. Teach them thateven if their ruler offers normalization, they betrayed their knowledge that the Zionist entity is illegal and rapes a sacred land.”

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