March 18, 2019

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Arabs come up with a new Khazar theory

At Elaph, a major pan-Arab news site, Mustafa El Sarraf writes a new bizarre variant on the discredited Khazar theory of the origins of most Jews.

According to El Saffar, most Jews who were in Persia under Cyrus the Great didn’t emigrate back to Israel, but to the Balkans. The few who did go to Israel ended up converting to Christianity.

The Balkan Jews stayed there where they then convinced the Khazar king to convert the kingdom to Judaism. (Yes, the legend was over a thousand years later, but that’s a distraction from the story El Saffar wants to tell.)

The article goes on to say that 92% of all Jews are Ashkenaz and therefore Khazars. Apparently the real Jews in the Balkans disappeared while the newly minted Jews took over. (This statistic would be a surprise to the roughly half of Israeli Jews who come from Arab lands.)

The writer is especially upset at anyone who says that  Jews and Arabs are cousins. No, he says, Jews are  “a bunch of criminals were and are still behind the ignition of wars to this day and who have has cursed God.”

With all the NGOs around the Arab world, one would think that perhaps one or two would consider teaching basic journalism and fact checking instead of having major news sources allowing blatant lies and propaganda to brainwash readers.

Oh, sorry – when Jews are the victims of the propaganda, then anything goes.

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