January 21, 2019

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Arabs claim that Gulf countries help Jews buy houses from Arabs in Jerusalem


Last week, Hezbollah secretary-general Hassan Nasrallah gave one of his regular speeches where he opines on a wide range of topics.

In this speech, he claimed that Arab Gulf countries were acting as intermediaries for Jews who want to buy houses from Arabs in Jerusalem. The Arabs would not sell directly to Jews for fear of being attacked or killed, but they sell to Gulf Arabs who then turn around and resell them to their Jewish clients, from the safety of their homes thousands of miles away.

Nasrallah says that the owner of a house near the Temple Mount was offered $20 million from an Arab intermediary, who meant to sell it to Jews.

An article in an Arabic news site yesterday specifically accused a UAE businessman of being an intermediary for exactly such transactions. With fairly thin circumstantial evidence, the article claims that some Arabs with Israeli citizenship as well as Mahmoud Abbas rival Mohammed Dahlan are helping facilitate shell companies in the UAE buy land and houses from Arabs in Jerusalem. Dahlan vehemently denied the charges on Facebook.

Even so, the article claims that these transactions are happening, and says that at the current rate of Jewish purchase of these properties, the majority of the properties around the perimeter of the Temple Mount will be owned by Jews within five years.

So far, no international human rights group has spoken out against the idea that Arabs should be threatened rather than be allowed to sell property to Jews. After all, why should pure antisemitism and death threats to property sellers be a subject for human rights groups to bother about?

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