May 25, 2018

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Arab terror supporters admit Israeli police only retaliate when provoked

This item from Islamic Jihad’s Palestine Today site is very informative, but not in the ways it intended.

Dozens of people banned from the Al-Aqsa Mosque led Friday prayers in the Lions Gate area after the occupation forces prevented them from praying at the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Dozens of known provocateurs were stopped from causing trouble. How many people managed to get past the Israeli cordon?

About 30 thousand worshipers were allowed by the occupation to enter the Al-Aqsa Mosque, after imposing a security cordon on the West Bank (for Passover.)

In an article about how Israel limits Muslims from worshipping, it says that 30,000 people still came. This is far, far more Muslims visiting the Temple Mount in a single day than Jews who visit in a year.

But the next section is even more telling:

After finishing Friday prayers,  some young men tried a threw stones at Israeli soldiers stationed at the Mughrabi Gate, but the Al-Aqsa Mosque guards and worshipers prevented them from doing it so as not to goad occupation soldiers to break into the mosque.

From listening to the huge number of complaints given in the Arab media about Israeli soldiers wantonly “storming” the “Al Aqsa Mosque” one would think that they do it without any provocation. But here we see that everyone knows – the Muslims who worship in the area, the Waqf guards, everyone – knows very well that the Israeli police only go there when they need to.

Which means also that when there are riots on the Temple Mount, they are always instigated by Arabs. Always. And in those cases, they want the Israeli police to show up in order to rile up the population for some political reason.

Furthermore, the fact that the Al Aqsa guards are stopping stone throwers means that Israeli police actions in the past have accomplished what they were meant to – stone throwing and rioting are being deterred (except, again, when the political leaders feel that it is in their interest to stir things up.

Yes, you can learn a lot from Arab media that you wouldn’t know otherwise.

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