June 24, 2019

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Arab op-ed, upset over Oman, says "Bibi is the sultan of the region"


The editor of As Safir (Lebanon) wrote a scathing and frustrated op-ed against the Arab countries who are becoming friendlier with Israel.

It is lunacy.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has the right to boast that he is now the “Sultan” of this region, formerly called the “Arab homeland”, which has become the “Middle East” … whether by direct occupation, as in Palestine and Egypt, or under the pretext of the legitimacy of the Jews of the West to occupy occupied Palestine, who are now called “Israelis”.

The Israeli occupation and foreign hegemony have caused the collapse of the “nation state” from this region. They have lost their identity and have become cardboard states, kingdoms, emirates and republics under American-Israeli protection. 

Netanyahu, along with his wife, stood in front of the Sultan of Oman, who gave him great respect and affection. Then the talks took place between two old friends, and then the Prime Minister of Israel came out to declare frankly: We have accomplished the occupation of this region, We have relations now with various countries, we can roam freely, and go anywhere.

Are the Arabs tired of their Arabism and they migrated from it to another identity?!

…It seems as if the Arabs are narrowing their land and want to get rid of the huge land areas, offering  it to those who want it, begging to “old colonialism” to return in his modern name: imperialism, which is Zionism!

The Arabs nowadays have trampled on the martyrs and the blood of their wounds who fell on this blessed land from the 1920s until today, through the revolution of 1936 to the Nakba of 1948, to the tripartite aggression of 1956, to the 1973 war, to the war against the Israeli occupation in Lebanon Eighteen years later, to the Israeli war on Lebanon in 2006.

His newspaper has a cartoon of the figure (“Handala”) that represents Palestinians next to a pen/flame, with the caption that the Palestinian cause will not be extinguished, the purpose of the newspaper.

To even say that out loud shows how nervous they are that this is indeed what is happening.

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