July 13, 2020

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Another @UNRWA fundraising lie: it is not "secular." UNRWA schools teach the Quran (and martyrdom.)


I received another fundraising email from UNRWA USA which is lying about the agency. It said “UNRWA is a public good, providing quality, secular education and contributing to security and stability across the Middle East. “

UNRWA schools in Gaza might teach secular subjects, but they are not secular.

I’ve documented in the past UNRWA’s internal job posts for Islamic studies teachers, and their curriculum. Their Quran lessons used to be online.

I documented lots of examples of Quranic and antisemitic education in UNRWA schools in 2012. The websites would be taken down immediately as I exposed them, but there is no indication that the curriculum has changed.

UNRWA’s  educational standards claim to be ” tolerant and open minded, upholding human values and religious tolerance.” They are not in the least. There is no tolerance of Jews taught there and I would be most surprised if Hinduism or other religions deemed to be blasphemy are taught in any sort of objective way.

In related news, Jordan is upset over the UNRWA cuts, because it doesn’t have the money to make up for lost (free) UNRWA services to two million of its citizens. The sob stories aren’t exactly sob stories, though:

Caught in the budget battle are people like Saadi Shalaan. The 57-year-old electrical engineer, a Jordanian citizen whose parents were born near Jerusalem, sends his children to free Unrwa schools in the Wihdat refugee camp where they live. Private schools are too expensive, he said. Public schools are overcrowded and unable to accommodate more students, officials say.

Why exactly does he deserve free education for his kids again?

The Trump administration said it would make up for the UNRWA shortfall by directly paying governments to build the proper schools it should have built for its own people 70 years ago. The entire reason Jordan didn’t do it is because the world was paying the bill for millions of its own citizens. Why should that continue?

UNRWA can fix its budget problems in a minute by admitting there are no “refugees” in the West Bank, Gaza or Jordan, since they are living in “Palestine” or are citizens (with a small number of exceptions of Gazans who went to Jordan in 1967.) The governments in charge should pay for their people’s education, not the world. That’s 80% of UNRWA’s budget right there that should be slashed instantly, with the funds being transferred to the PA and Jordan earmarked to mainstream fake refugees into the mainstream, where they belong.

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