February 16, 2019

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Amnesty criticizes Roger Waters for acting like @Amnesty


Amnesty’s Kristyan Benedict has lashed out at Roger Waters.

Not for his absurd pro-Hamas positions, but for his pro-Assad one:

The article that he refers to says:
The founder and frontman of British band Pink Floyd has echoed Russian propaganda claims that Syria’s White Helmets had staged a recent chemical attack that has prompted US-led strikes against Damascus.
Roger Waters made the accusation during a concert in Barcelona on Friday after announcing that a supporter of the volunteer first responders had wanted speak to the crowd about the deadly chemical attack.
“The White Helmets are a fake organisation that exists only to create propaganda for the jihadists and terrorists,” Waters said.

When it was pointed out to Benedict that Amnesty and Waters have worked together in the past, on the basis of Waters’ purported human rights work as he obsesses about Israel and “Israeli” influence on world media and politics, Benedict acts surprised.

Yet Amnesty had an employee from 2011 to 2016,  who had openly admired Palestinian terrorists and leaders who praised blowing up Jews on his Facebook page. The employee remained on their payroll for some 18 months after it was pointed out to them, and they never said anything against him..

Amnesty has carried water for Hamas by claiming that scores of terrorists were “innocent civilians” killed by Israel.

Benedict has refused to answer my points – because he knows that Amnesty is just as much a tacit supporter of anti-Israel terror by its one-sided reports that blame Israel more than Palestinian terrorists by a 20-1 ratio as Roger Waters is a supporter of Syria’s regime.

And now Amnesty is claiming that Roger Waters is only a fool with respect to Syria but still a stand-up guy with respect to supporting Palestinian terror?

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