May 22, 2024

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America’s 2016 elections make me grateful to be Israeli (Forest Rain)

I’m writing this on election day. Tomorrow the world will know the results. Either way, we will wake up to a different world, forever changed (and in my opinion – not for the better).

Watching this election cycle has made me even more grateful to be Israeli.

I am thankful that I live in a country that puts corrupt politicians in prison.

I am thankful that in a live in a country where few people are willing to support politicians that are obnoxious, racist, lude or crude. There are some like that but they get few votes and if they succeed in getting a position in government the majority of the people reject them, declare that they are unworthy of their position and lambast them ceaselessly.

In Israel, as is common in the world today, our media is elitist and tries to condescendingly brainwash the masses in to what they consider the “correct” mindset. I am grateful that the majority of the people are, on the most part, free-thinking and able to pick and choose the attitudes and opinions they feel are correct.

How wonderful it is to live among people who are generally reasonable, reasoned people – people who believe it is their duty to hold their leaders in check, people who believe they are capable of paving their own destiny and refuse to let a difficult reality make them stop trying.

I am proud that our nation is divided, forever arguing about how to be better, more moral, more decent. We disagree with a passion that can be extreme about the “how” but our goals are the same.
I am comforted in the knowledge that when we are threatened from without everyone knows how to come together. We know how to put aside our arguments, disagreements and dislikes. It doesn’t matter that sometimes we can’t stand each other. We are still, first and foremost family and we will do what it takes to protect ourselves.

Our nation has many problems and difficulties. This country is far from perfect.

And yet – looking at what we have here and what is happening elsewhere – I am profoundly grateful that I live in Israel.

How lucky I am to have left the land of my birth for the land of my heritage.

It’s the end of the world as we know it but, you know what?

I feel fine.

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