April 23, 2019

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Amazingly, all the injured from Gaza seem to be military aged men – and Hamas is paying them


Felesteen interviews some of those injured by “occupation snipers” during the riots on the Gaza border.

Somehow, they are all military aged men.

19-year-old Yusuf, shot in the knee.

 Ibrahim Al-Bahtaiti, 18, shot in the leg.

Mohammed Siam, 24, shot in the leg.

Raed Saad, 21, shot in the foot.

Even though we see photos of women and children at the riots, somehow they aren’t being shot.

Hamas announced that they will pay $3000 to the families of those killed, $500 to those severely injured and $200 to those moderately injured.

You can be sure that they are only paying people who are already Hamas members or sympathizers.

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