August 19, 2019

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A new kind of "honor" killing in Gaza: "Sorry, son, we hate Israel more than we love you." BANG!

From AP/TOI:

RAFAH, Gaza Strip — A Palestinian family said it had killed one of its members Friday after Gaza’s Hamas rulers said he aided Israel in killing three of the terrorist group’s commanders.

The family said in a statement that a relative shot Ahmed Barhoum dead, but did not say which family member pulled the trigger. It said they followed developments in the Hamas investigation and believed their son was guilty.

The family noted the relative was arrested and interrogated by the “resistance,” meaning he was detained outside the Palestinian litigation system. There was no immediate statement from Hamas.

Wait for the outrage from the Arab world at a family that eagerly kills its own.

Oh, right – there won’t be any.

OK, wait for the outrage from “human rights” organizations for a culture where parents would rather kill their kids than be stained with the shame of looking like they are pro-Israel.

Oh, right  – there won’t be any.

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