January 20, 2020

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3 minutes on the Temple Mount (Arab video)


This video, done by an Arab filmmaker in late 2015, is very well done – and reveals interesting things.

At the beginning, the videographer runs through one of the gates to the Temple Mount – with camera equipment – without any guards giving him a second look.

Non-Muslims must wait in line, sometimes for hours, to go up. And Jews are checked for such contraband as prayer books.  (When I went up I had to leave most of my video equipment behind.)

The videographer is running at top speed through the “holy site.” That’s what makes the video so dramatic. But it does appear that at least some of the people featured are acting.

Kids playing soccer on the platform of the Dome of the Rock (at 1:05) is considered perfectly acceptable.

Altogether, it appear to be more a park than a holy site.

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