July 14, 2020

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141,000 Palestinians work for Israelis – 22,000 in settlements


As of the latest Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics report, some 141,000 Palestinians are working for Israelis – 119,000 within Green Line Israel and 22,000 in Israeli settlements.

Sounds like they didn’t hear the BDS call.

The average daily wage for Palestinians working for Israelis is NIS 261 . The average daily wage in the West Bank (as of Q1) is NIS 145.5 while in Gaza it is NIS 63.2.

About 13% of the total Palestinian workforce works for Israelis. Given that the ones working for Israelis make more than twice as much on the average as those who work for other Palestinians, that means that over 25% of the Palestinian workforce economy comes from Israel.

Israel recently quietly started allowing several thousand Gazans to work in Israel as well. I’m not sure if they are included in these statistics.

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