August 23, 2019

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EoZTV: Does "Shalom" mean "Salaam"?

August 2, 2016 Eldad Tzioni fascinating interview with Harold Rhode continues, as he discusses the difference between how Muslims and Westerners think using some basic examples from vocabulary. And, no, Salaam does not mean what Shalom means. We have […]

Looking for Pakistani Bene Israel relatives

August 2, 2016 Ian  Following the emergence of a second self-identifying Jew in Pakistan – Arie Ben Samuel – Point of No Return has received two anonymous messages. We think both are from a Pakistani Jew now living […]

This Jewish doctor wants me dead

August 2, 2016 Ziy0nadmin of my American readers might be so irritated by the major presidential candidates that they are thinking about voting for a third party candidate. Maybe even Green Party nominee Dr. Jill Stein. After all, […]

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