May 26, 2019

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Lessons I learned from Shimon Peres (Forest Rain)

October 5, 2016 Eldad Tzioni The only time I ever saw my grandfather cry was when we were watching the signing of the Oslo Accords. At 15 I wasn’t really aware of what was happening but his reaction shocked […]

Hamas law and order news

October 5, 2016 Eldad Tzioni stories from Gaza: A teacher is being investigated for systematically beating students, in this video that one student made: Hamas also sentenced a woman to death by hanging for killing her husband. I have […]

Surge of interest in Karaites, minority within a minority

October 5, 2016 Ian are an ancient Jewish sect who reject the Babylonian Talmud, the foundation of rabbinic Judaism. The Tablet has this long but interesting feature exploring what it is like for Karaites in the US to […]

"BDS is Under Attack in Ireland"

October 4, 2016 Ian Daphne Anson   Our Israel-hating chums in the Emerald Isle, home to some particularly vociferous examples of the Israel-hating fraternity, are fuming. As reported here: ‘The Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign said it feels vulnerable […]

Moroccan changed the face of Israel’s foreign service

October 4, 2016 Ian man who changed the face of Israel’s foreign service, according to the Jerusalem Post, is Moroccan-born Yitzhak Eldan, who rose to become chief of protocol for 41 years. Eldan only achieved acceptance at his […]

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