November 21, 2018

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"An Absurd Political Marriage Enabled Only by a Mutual Hatred of Jews"

July 4, 2016 Ian Daphne Anson   See exclusive photos at Breitbart by clicking here “…. Hezbollah T-Shirts, Nasrallah T-Shirts, Khomeini T-Shirts. These people marched proudly through the streets of London. Someone had a placard that read ‘ […]

EoZTV: Hasby Awards, part 1: Yisrael Medad and Kay Wilson

July 4, 2016 Ian Here is Part 1 of last night’s Hasby Awards ceremony in Jerusalem at Honest Reporting’s rooftop venue. I welcome the crowd and introduce Yisrael Medad, who then hands the Best Article award to Kay […]

40 years since the Entebbe rescue operation

July 4, 2016 Ziy0nadmin is the 4th of July and besides being the 240th birthday of America (Mazal Tov! You’ve already doubled the usual wish of “until 120”   ) it is also the 40th anniversary of an […]

Mass cleansing of Jews is 20th century’s legacy

July 4, 2016 Ian real story of the 20th century has been a massive assault by regimes on the rights of Jews, leading to their ethnic cleansing in Europe and the Middle East. And even when the Jews […]

"Don’t blame us for honoring terrorists. It’s our culture!"

July 4, 2016 Ian From Haaretz: Israel barred the Palestinian governor of Hebron from entering Israel, after he paid his condolences to the family of a man killed by settlement security after stabbing an Israeli girl to death […]

EoZ and I on "Nothing Left" radio this week (Michael Lumish)

July 3, 2016 Ian July 4th weekend. We’ve got a bunch of people coming over today for a party and I’ve been wracking my brains concerning my usual Sunday EOZ piece. I thought maybe that I would mine Israel […]

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