September 26, 2018

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Jabotinsky, Netanyahu, and the American debates

September 27, 2016 Ziy0nadmin I arose at 0330 this morning to watch the American presidential debates, I couldn’t help but think about the concept of leadership – what makes a good leader and why it’s rare to find […]

Ex-CIA Officer on Islamic Antisemitism in Europe (video)

September 27, 2016 Ian Daphne Anson   Former CIA operative Clare Lopez (full biography here) is a strategic policy and intelligence expert specialising on such issues as the Middle East, national defense, waepons of mass destruction, and counterterrorism.  […]

EoZTV: The pre-debate show

September 27, 2016 Eldad Tzioni which we discuss the statements that each campaign made after meeting with Bibi. I wonder why Donald Trump posted his statement after his meeting with Bibi on Sunday, but Hillary only released hers to […]

09/26 Links Pt2: Kontorovich: The Palestinians illegal ‘football war’ against Israel; Israel qualifies for its first-ever World Baseball Classic game

September 26, 2016 Ian Ian: Eugene Kontorovich: The Palestinians unsporting and illegal ‘football war’ against Israel Human Rights Watch published a long, graphics-rich report on Sunday denouncing Israeli semi-pro soccer (football) clubs in towns in the West Bank. […]

Manal Tamimi: Still proud to showcase her hate on Twitter

September 26, 2016 Eldad Tzioni Tamimi: Still proud to showcase her hate on Twitter Petra Marquardt-Bigman When I first documented Manal Tamimi’s hate-filled views under the title “Screaming hate on Twitter” a year ago, Manal Tamimi reacted with defiant […]

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