December 6, 2019

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Balancing Act (Vic Rosenthal)

December 5, 2019 Eldad Tzioni  Vic Rosenthal’s Weekly Column My home town of Fresno, California has a tiny Jewish community. The metropolitan area of about a million people, in almost the geographical center of the state, has only about […]

12/04 Links Pt2: Ruthie Blum: ‘Why do they hate us?’; Indy op-ed suggests Jews cry antisemitism to stifle criticism of Israel; The disturbing truth is that the British far-left is now awash with anti-Semites

December 4, 2019 Ian Ian: Ruthie Blum: ‘Why do they hate us?’ Those familiar with the history of the Holocaust would not be surprised by Wistrich’s description, but they might be startled by his depiction of Europe at […]

My Allergy to Germans (Judean Rose)

December 4, 2019 Eldad Tzioni I have a thing about Germans. I cannot stand to see or hear them. It isn’t intellectual, not something thought out, but a gut reaction: it literally turns my stomach to be in proximity […]

12/04 Links Pt1: U.S. pushing Arab states on non-belligerence pacts with Israel; ICC Prosecutor Recognizes IDF Legal Probe in Marmara Case; Will donors demand change in UNRWA policies?

December 4, 2019 Ian Ian: U.S. pushing Arab states on non-belligerence pacts with Israel The White House approached several Arab states to encourage them to reach non-belligerence agreements with Israel, according to Israeli, Arab and U.S. sources. Why […]

No, Corbyn didn’t apologize. See for yourself.

December 4, 2019 Eldad Tzioni The headlines say “Jeremy Corbyn apologises for antisemitism in Labour party” – but his words say no such thing. Corbyn: May I make it clear, I amHost: Just say sorry!Corbyn: Wait a minute,Host: No, […]

Silence on Jewish refugees ‘serves Palestinian narrative’

December 4, 2019 Ian’s UN ambassador Danny Danon slammed the body’s one-sided view of Middle Eastern refugees, as a dozen countries voted against the annual UN resolution affirming Palestinian refugee rights. Arutz Sheva reports: According to Danon (pictured), […]

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