August 16, 2018

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What’s up with my American friends

January 23, 2017 Ziy0nadmin’s been almost three years since the day that I left the USA with no plans to return, almost three years since I got on a plane knowing that I no longer owned a home […]

Trump’s inauguration and the bad losers of the Left

January 23, 2017 Ziy0nadmin Donald Trump’s inauguration took place on Friday accompanied by huge crowds of supporters, and – unusually – large and some violent anti-Trump demonstrations. The depth of the hatred for Trump has not surprised me […]

Intellectual and journalist Menashe Somekh dies

January 23, 2017 Ian Menashe Somekh: modest and honest Iraqi Jews are mourning the passing last week of Menashe Somekh, a prominent intellectual and journalist. He died in Jerusalem aged 91 from cancer. Somekh, a descendant of Rabbi […]

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