December 19, 2018

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Good News Friday

December 23, 2016 Ziy0nadmin is almost upon us, starting tomorrow night, as is Christmas too! All the more reason for a great Good News Friday post. I’ll start with news from last week, when Jewish communities and their […]

The terrorist veto

December 23, 2016 Ziy0nadmin Mr. President-Elect and Mr. Prime Minister, You understand that you are being tested, do you not? Mr. Trump, they want to know if you are as tough as you say you are and if […]

A national purpose

December 20, 2016 Ziy0nadmin was the birthplace of the Jewish people. Here their spiritual, religious and political identity was shaped. Here they first attained to statehood, created cultural values of national and universal significance and gave to the […]

A traitor in our Knesset

December 20, 2016 Ziy0nadmin use the word “traitors” very carefully because of the terrible implications and potential consequences. As I wrote in a similar post back in 2012: One has to be very careful about accusing others of […]

Wave of terrorism strikes Europe

December 19, 2016 Ziy0nadmin when we thought it was safe to go back in the water… A string of attacks took place this evening across Europe. First, in a shocking incident, the Russian Ambassador to Turkey was murdered […]

Comment on Amona by Nancy B

December 18, 2016 Ziy0nadmin’ve been hoping that you would write about the travesty of Amona. This is one reason that I’m over the moon that Trump selected David Friedman as ambassador. There has never been an ambassador that […]

Good News Friday

December 16, 2016 Ziy0nadmin has rolled around so quickly once again, and it’s time for a Good News Friday post. First, here is an beautiful heart-warming story of a young man who came to the assistance of a […]

Comment on Amona by Shalom Freedman

December 16, 2016 Ziy0nadmin piece gives me a better understanding of what has happened in relation to Amona. It also makes me more tend to the view that there should not be any removal of residents from the […]

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