August 19, 2019

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David Singer: European Union Acclaims Abbas Whilst Flogging Farage

June 29, 2016 Ian Daphne Anson   Sydney lawyer and international affairs analyst David Singer shines a spotlight on an important aspect of the moral bankruptcy of the bloated tyrannous juggernaut that is the European Union. He writes: […]

Santana’s foundation effectively tells BDSers to drop dead

June 29, 2016 Ian If you look at the BDS “Victories” page, you will see this: Note how they phrase this: they aren’t saying that the artists agree with BDS, only that they have either “refused” or cancelled […]

Benjews protest non-recognition by Israel

June 29, 2016 Ian DW article by Judith Neurink casts a spotlight on the ‘failed’ aliya of  Kurds of Jewish descent in the 1990s. Almost all of these ‘Benjews’ – most likely descended from Jewish women abducted or […]

29-Jun-16: Footnotes to the Istanbul human-bomb horror

June 29, 2016 Ian Istanbul’s Ataturk airport after last night’s murderous terrorattack [Image Source] It’s striking to read, on the morning after an awful massacre carried out by terrorists in one of the world’s dozen busiest airports, that […]

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