August 21, 2019

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Mizrahi athletes get media attention

August 13, 2016 Ian Israeli Olympic athletes thrust into the media spotlight recently are of Mizrahi origin. Gerbi: my medal’s for Israel Yarden Gerbi, a judoka who won a bronze medal at Rio, is of Libyan origin. Gerbi, […]

Archive rabbinical treasure printed in book form

August 12, 2016 Ian up on the latest news concerning the Iraqi-Jewish archive: two volumes of undiscovered drashot (sermons) delivered by the famous Baghdad rabbi, the Ben Ish Hai, were found in the archive and have been transcribed […]

11-Aug-16: Another Jerusalem stabbing

August 11, 2016 Ian Young Hassidim, like this afternoon’s stabbing victim, arefrequent visitors to the ancient graves of the Mount of Olives [Image Source] Another violent Arab-on-Israeli incident is unfolding in Jerusalem as we write this. We are […]

Casablanca community head dies

August 11, 2016 Ian  The Moroccan media is awash with news (such as this item in Morocco World News) of the passing of Boris Toledano, 97, head of the Jewish community of Casablanca – perhaps because every Jew […]

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