December 19, 2018

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White House says Jerusalem is in Israel? Not so fast

May 23, 2017 Eldad Tzioni was a buzz in pro-Israel circles yesterday when the graphic displayed by the White House media before remarks by Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu noted that the event was to be in “Jerusalem, Israel:” […]

"The Conceptual Penis" and Israel

May 22, 2017 Eldad Tzioni Skeptic has a hilarious article about a new hoax paper successfully published in a peer-reviewed journal. The article is named “The Conceptual Penis as a Social Construct. Our paper “argues” that “The penis vis-à-vis […]

Victory and Defeat (Divest This!)

May 22, 2017 Eldad Tzioni It’s often useful to try to pry out premises behind the things we believe, especially in situations where reasons exist for considering those beliefs irrational. For instance, just this months all 50 US governors […]

Text and video of Trump’s speech in Saudi Arabia

May 21, 2017 Eldad Tzioni is the full text of President Trump’s speech in Saudi Arabia. The Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology sounds like a Saudi idea. They’ve created initiatives like this before. It is not at all […]

If Trump is the peacemaker, the Left doesn’t want peace

May 21, 2017 Eldad Tzioni Cottin Pogrebin writes in Haaretz: I’ve been an unapologetic, indefatigable peacenik for more than 30 years, advocating, agitating, writing, and lobbying for the United States to use its power and influence to help resolve […]

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