March 5, 2021

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10/10 Links Pt2: Howard Jacobson: Corbyn’s Complaint; A Modern-Day Blood Libel, Dressed Up in Trendy Academic Language; BDS has zero impact on Israeli businesses

October 10, 2018 Ian Ian: Howard Jacobson: Corbyn’s Complaint Considering British Jews’ reaction to the anti-Semitism that has seized hold of the British Labor party since it elected Jeremy Corbyn as its leader, the novelist Howard Jacobson is […]

10/10 Links Pt1: UNESCO: Rachel’s Tomb and Cave of Patriarchs part of ‘Occupied Palestine’; Global News Erroneously Claims Palestinian Terrorist Killed 2 Israeli Soldiers – Not Civilians

October 10, 2018 Ian Ian: UNESCO: Rachel’s Tomb and Cave of Patriarchs part of ‘Occupied Palestine’ The PX Commission of the Executive Board of UNESCO on Wednesday morning adopted resolutions 28 and 29, titled “Occupied Palestine,” which state […]

‘Jews have no interest in returning to Arab lands’

October 10, 2018 Ian  JIMENA is sponsoring a screening of Remember Baghdad at the Silicon Valley Jewish Film Festival. Here JIMENA’s founder, Gina Waldman, talks about her own story as a Jewish refugee from Libya, JIMENA’s achievements, and […]

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